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REVIEW: Fright Dome

Fright Dome
Circus Circus
Las Vegas, NV

We visited Fright Dome during their 10 Years of Terror celebration in 2012. Creator Jason Egan pulled out all the stops for the massive celebration housed in the Adventuredome at Circus Circus. 

Fright Dome is an epic Halloween party. Five haunted houses, twenty-five amusement park rides, a stocked bar,  celebrity appearances, live music, and four scare zones all capped off with a nightly dance party led by a bunch of terrifying clowns.

Christine visits Fright Dome at Circus Circus

Christine visits Fright Dome at Circus Circus

The weekend we visited the celebrity visiting was one of the cars used in the film version of Stephen King’s Christine. Since my name is Christine, I am a huge fan. Thanks to Christine’s owner Bill Gibson, I had the privilege of sitting in Christine. I watched with awe as the car seemingly came alive.The dashboard lit up, the radio played “We Belong Together,” fog poured from the dashboard, and my seat lurched forward toward the steering wheel. It was AMAZING.

Back to the haunted houses. All of the haunts were stunning with a fast-paced tour guide format. We were completely wowed by their zombie themed haunt, Ward of the Dead, created in conjunction with George A. Romero. The facility was experiencing a breach and the tour guide shouted guidance about how to avoid the creatures. We jumped and dodged and ducked out of the way…. well, I did. Shelly, who was behind me, couldn’t hear the guide’s instructions and found herself fighting through hoards of zombies. We both had a spectacular time and the sets and costumes were incredibly detailed. 

Another highlight of our trip was riding the Adventuredome roller coaster in the darkened Fright Dome environment. You can’t see what’s coming next, which adds a delicious element of surprise.

Final Thoughts

Many haunts try to create a hip party-like atmosphere around their haunted attractions, but no one succeeds like Fright Dome. Fright Dome is the ultimate Halloween party.  

Fright Dome 2014 Season

October 3  – November 1

Ticket Information

General Admission:  $34.95 – $39.95  |  Fast Pass: $54.95 – $59.95  |  VIP Tour: $89.95

Age Requirements

Not appropriate for children under 12.

New For 2014

Six new haunted houses including a Texas Chainsaw Massacre themed haunted house that will incorporate scenes from the film. The new Isolation Haunted House is just for fast-pass and VIP ticket holders and must be entered alone.

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Times Scare Haunted House
669 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY

The official grand opening of Times Scare is this Thursday, but “S” and I were able to catch a preview. Owner, Jason Egan gave us a tour of the venue, which will be an ever-growing, ever-changing Entertainment Mecca for Horror Fans.

Naturally, our first stop was the Michael Myers-themed Haunted House. They are still working some things out, but it is wildly fun and inventive. (A full review of the Times Scare Haunted House will be posted after the Official Opening.) 

Our journey continued with a drink tasting in a morgue-themed bar and lounge called The Kill Room where we sampled four of the bar’s signature cocktails. Wow. The signature selections have appropriately creepy names, but they’re also, sophisticated, delicious, and deceptively strong. There are plans to add an equally inventive tapas menu sometime in the future.  

A second bar called the Parlour of the Paranormal will open next week. 

The final stop on our tour was the theater for the evening’s performance of Magic Show, starring ‘Anti-Conjurer’ Dan Sperry. This is by far the best ‘magic show’ I’ve ever seen. Dan Sperry’s performance is a shocking combination of dark humor, and twisted illusions. “S” found one moment so shocking she ended up wearing her drink. 

New York now has a darkly extravagant, year-round valentine to Halloween. Anyone who loves Halloween, horror, or Haunted Houses must visit Time Scare.

Click Here to Buy Tickets to the Grand Opening on Thursday, November 17th!


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