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In October, we reviewed the Pennhurst Asylum Haunted Attraction, but tomorrow we return to Spring City, PA to experience Pennhurst Paranormal. A 6-hour Paranormal Investigation of the Mayflower Dormitory Building on the abandoned campus of the Pennhurst State School & Hospital .

The Pennhurst Paranormal Association offers both private and public paranormal tours and investigations. Tickets are $125 each for the public investigations and $1,000 for private investigations. Care to join us tomorrow? Buy Tickets Now

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter from 9 PM – 3 AM EST to Live Chat and Receive Photo Updates during our 6-hour Paranormal Investigation.

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  • Pennhurst Asylum Haunted Attraction
  • 2012 Pennhurst Asylum Review

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    Join the Raven & Black Cat at the ONLY place for Horror-Lovers to celebrate New Year’s Eve:

     Times Scare’s New Year’s Eve Massacarade

    Times Scare: New Year’s Massacarade
    669 Eighth Avenue
    New York, NY

    Masquerade Ball  –  Haunted House  –  Magic Show  –  6 Hours of Open Bar  –  VIP Tables Available

    Tickets: $30-$300
    Official Website
    Buy Tickets

    We can’t wait to ring in the New Year at the most incredible horror-themed venue in Manhattan.


    A Macabre Masquerade. A Terrifying Haunted House. A Twisted Magic Show.

    All Peppered with the Excitement of Times Square. 

    Join us.


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    There are so many reasons to love Etsy. Here are 16 more…

    A Haunted Art Collection Inspired by Ghost Stories.



    ‘HAUNTED: A Ghost Story’ by RavenBlackCat

    A haunted art collection.

















    Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


    Merchant’s House Candlelight Ghost Tour
    29 East Fourth Street
    New York, NY

    The Merchant’s House Museum is the only 19th century family home in New York City that has been preserved completely intact. Frozen in time on West 4th Street, it is a truly incredible place to visit and catch a glimpse into the past, but the Museum walls contain more than history. This massive time capsule is also the location of what has been called “Manhattan’s most haunted house.”

    Each Halloween, a series of candlelight tours are given in which guests are guided through the antique home at night with just a path of tea light candles to light their way. A brief description of each room is given followed by a recording that features detailed accounts of the strange goings on that have occurred in that room and suggest that its original tenants never left. 

    Is it Scary?

    The official answer on their website: “Come see the house The New York Times called “Manhattan’s Most Haunted” by flickering candlelight and hear about strange and inexplicable occurrences from the people who actually experienced them.”

    The Raven & Black Cat says: Yes. From the moment you enter the home you can’t help but feel that there is something unsettling happening there. 

    Here’s A Tip

    The Merchant’s house is currently undergoing a renovation. Since the renovation began last year there has been an increase in strange activity that has been documented by 12 different investigations by supernatural researchers. The Museum is currently holding a raffle to spend a night in the Merchant’s House with the supernatural research team.

    What I Loved

    This house is amazing. The candlelight ghost tour provides a unique opportunity to explore the home in darkness. I am dying to go back during the day so I can see all the little details that were hidden in the shadows. I am a huge fan of the Victorian era and this house is a perfect example of how terrifying and beautiful that time period can be.

    What Could Be Better

    The house is perfection even in the midst of a restoration. I strongly encourage the museum to expand on their “spirited” fall events. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to witness a séance held in the Merchant’s House Museum. 

    Final Thoughts

    It’s so creepy I wish I could live there. Since that is an impossibility, I guess I’ll just have to settle with becoming a museum member. Then at least, I’ll be able to visit whenever I want.  

    MHM Candlelight Ghost Tours Run

    October 21-22nd & 27-29th

    Discount Tickets

    Full Price Ticket Prices
    6-7:30pm: $25
    8-9pm: $30
    9:30pm (includes 4th floor servants quarters): $40

    • Merchant’s House Museum Members: $13 all time – Click Here for Museum Membership Info.

    Age requirements

     The Merchant’s House Museum is open to all ages.

    Additional Info