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Nightmare (Before Christmas): The Experiment
Los Kabayitos Laboratorio
107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY

To celebrate the holidays, Nightmare creator Tim Haskell is presenting Nightmare (Before Christmas): The Experiment, an extended and revamped version of the second part of October’s Nightmare Fairy Tales. What was a 15-minute assault on the senses is now a 50-minute interactive theatre performance that manages to involve nearly the entire audience in a series of 10 fear-based experiments. As the performance progresses, a strange sense of community develops in the room full of strangers as each audience member becomes a lab rat.

Is it Scary?

According to their website: ” It will be like being in one room in a very scary haunted house that you get tormented in for 50 minutes.”

The Raven & Black Cat says: Fear is subjective, but you are pretty much guaranteed to cringe, gag, shudder, and/or squirm uncomfortably in your seat.

What I Loved

There is a lot to love. Not only are the experiments delightfully creepy, but the performance is infused with humor. Many of the funniest moments are courtesy of the research team’s “corporate sponsors.” Other highlights include: a brief (but amazing!) video, a unique take on Santa Claus, and watching the reactions of fellow audience members.

What Could Be Better

We noticed some small opening weekend hiccups, but overall this unique interactive theatre piece is holiday horror perfection. We hope that Nightmare (before Christmas) becomes an annual event. We’d love to see a walk-through style haunted house with a Christmas theme.  

Final Thoughts

The Experiment combines humor and fear to create repulsive holiday fun. Don’t miss this special holiday gift.

The Experiment Runs

December 9 – 23rd

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