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 'Windowpane' by Twisted Oak Press

 ‘Windowpane’ by Twisted Oak Press

 'Swathed in Sorrow' by Twisted Oak Press

 ‘Swathed in Sorrow’ by Twisted Oak Press

We are pleased to welcome back artist Dean Kuhta of Twisted Oak Press for our August giveaway!  Dean’s original art is a delightful blend of horror and fantasy. We are thrilled that he will be awarding 2 gorgeously creepy art prints to one very lucky reader of The Raven & Black Cat!

The Collection Will Include:

1- ‘Windowpane’ 8×10 Art Print

1 – ‘Swathed in Sorrow’ 8×10 Art Print

The deadline to enter is 12:00 AM on August 31, 2013.


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Dean Kuhta and Twisted Oak Press are located in Washington, D.C. Their work covers a vast range of genres and styles. View more fabulous artwork below and check out the official website of Twisted Oak Press to admire the full scope of Dean’s talent.


Loki Ryeland created this Creepy Art Print Set for one very lucky reader of the Raven & Black Cat. We love his unusual New Orleans-esque take on all things dark and creepy. Gorgeous art that also give you goosebumps!  

The Creepy Art Print Set Will Include:

1 – ‘Bloodletter’ 12×12 Art Print

1 – ‘Guilty’ 12×12 Art Print

The deadline to enter is 12:00 AM on August 31, 2012.


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Loki Ryeland is located in Brandon, Florida where he creates original dark art with a horrific macabre twist. Check out his entire collection at the Paintings By Loki Etsy Shop. We love the ‘Solitary Tree’ and ‘Reaching’ Prints. See more of our favorites below! 


Today Living Social is featuring a Twilight Tour of Brooklyn’s Historic Green-Wood Cemetery followed by a Cocktail Reception (and beer from Brooklyn Brewery) and Music in the Cemetery for $25. There are only 15 Hours left to take advantage of this special tour, which is schedule for two nights only: Thursday, July 26th and  Saturday, July 28th from 8-10:30pm.

“There are few places more atmospheric than a cemetery at dusk – and Green-Wood is top notch when it comes to beauty and atmosphere. Normally in operation only during daylight hours, this special event will lead you on a twilight tour of the expansive grounds. As the sun sets on 478 spectacular acres, you’ll weave through stunning landscapes and visit the graves of prominent figures in New York and American culture.

After the walking tour, enjoy drinks, light refreshments and live accordion music in the cemetery. Our catacombs and several mausolea will be open, so you can wander around by torchlight and visit the opulent indoor resting places of Green-Wood as you sip your drink.” from the Official Green-Wood Cemetery Website

Click Here to Buy Tickets


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There are so many reasons to love Etsy. Here are 16 more…

A Dark Victorian Wonderland Collection Inspired by ‘Then She Fell’.

 THEN SHE FELL: Steampunk Haunted House’s Alice themed Immersive Theater Experience.

Opening October 2012.


 ‘Then She Fell’ by RavenBlackCat

A Dark Victorian Wonderland Collection inspired by ‘Then She Fell.’ THEN SHE FELL: Steampunk Haunted House’s Alice themed Immersive Theater Experience. Opening October 2012. http://thenshefell.com/

Christmas in July Down …


Rabbit on the Bridge 4x…


White Rabbit – Handmade…


Alice in Wonderland Vin…


Six Impossible Things B…


Alice in Wonderland Coa…


There’s a place cal…


Alice in Wonderland Poc…


Alice in Wonderland Ste…


Dark Forest Photograph …


Abandoned Greenhouse – …


Glass Vial and Skeleton…


Books of spells 8×8 art…


Ornate Steel Door Knob


The Witch’s Altar 8…


Black and White Clocks …


Treasury tool supported by the dog house


 Pottery Barn Unveils their 2012 Halloween Decor!

 It’s that time of year again! Time to start your halloween decor preparations. Pottery Barn always has a wonderful variety of creepy vintage inspired selections for decorating and entertaining. Check out our favorites below! Act Fast! Pottery Barn is currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all Halloween Items!

Crackle Web Pillar Candles: $19.50 -$29.50

 Spider Inkblot Table Runner $49.00

Skull On Book Candle: $29.50

Skull Vase: $109.00

Black House Lantern: $169.00

 Perpetua Tray: $99.00

 Faux Orange Pumpkins, Set of 2: $29.00

 Pumpkin Luminaries: $89.00 – $149.00

Curiosity Appetizer Plates, Set of 4: $35.00


Twisted Oak Press creates original works of art that delve into a world of macabre fantasy. We are thrilled that they will be awarding 3 of their creepiest art prints to one very lucky reader of The Raven & Black Cat!

The Collection Will Include:

1 – ‘Swathed in Sorrow’ 8×10 Art Print

1 – ‘Fireflies On The Road’ 8×10 Art Print

1 – ‘Cyclopean Peaks’ 8×10 Art Print

The deadline to enter is 12:00 AM on June 30, 2012.

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Twisted Oak Press is located in Washington, D.C. Their work covers a vast range of genres and styles. Get a closer look at the three creepy art prints below and check out the Twisted Oak Press Etsy Shop to admire the full scope of their talents.


 Martha Rotten makes spectacularly creepy jewelry and we are so thrilled that she will be awarding one of her gorgeous creations to one very lucky reader of The Raven & Black Cat.

The winner will receive a gorgeous Owl Skull Ring from Martha Rotten

The deadline to enter is 12:00 AM on April 15, 2012.

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Martha Rotten is located in Baltimore, Maryland. All of her pieces are handcrafted using lead-free pewter “to make your living hell a better place.” Make sure to visit the Martha Rotten Etsy Shop to see all of her fabulous jewelry and giftware. We are swooning over the ‘Owl Skull Ring,’ ‘Bone Bangles’ and ‘Doll Arm Pin.’ 


The Woman in Black opens on February 3, 2012. It is a remake of a 1989 TV movie and stars Daniel Radcliffe. Typically this wouldn’t sound like something I would want to see, but the creepy Victorian imagery in the trailer is kind of enticing. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lReemWmO5o&w=560&h=315]

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