“S” and I celebrated Friday the 13th with a moviethon, some friends, and delicious treats. Here are some photos and tips on how you can celebrate with your own event when the spookiest of Fridays returns in April.

We sipped delicious Blood Orange Sangria while we watched the first four Friday the 13th movies. Click here for the recipe. 

We enjoyed nibbling on a fruit plate and a veggie platter, but it was the desserts that stole the show. I made a raspberry gelatin brain topped with raspberry simple syrup. Click here for the recipe. A similar brain mold can be purchased here. Our dessert table also featured Gingerdead cookies, Crumbs Cupcakes, Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes. Click here for the Buckeyes recipe. A Gingerdead Cookie Cutter can be purchased here

I pulled out some of my halloween favorites for the party decor. The Sangria was served in my Pottery Barn Mason Jar Drink Dispenser and Mason Jar Mugs. Every August Pottery Barn features a fabulous Halloween collection. I used the salad plates I bought as dessert plates. Keep an eye out for their 2012 Halloween Collection and check out this Halloween Wall Decal on Sale right now for a steal! 

I covered the Little Penguin Merlot bottles that we used for the Sangria with Marthat Stewart Skeleton Beverage Labels. You can purchase a set for your own party here.

I found this wooden candle holder on ebay, which is a great resource for unusual Halloween decor. The Raven is from Grandin Road‘s seasonal Halloween Haven. Look for them when it reopens in August or purchase a similar one here.

This Friday the 13th Bowl features Jason on the other side and is great for serving chips or popcorn. It can be purchased here.

We watched the Friday the 13th Deluxe Edition Four-Pack which contains the first four films. Click here to get yours for under $16. We played a game of Friday the 13th Movie Bingo during the first 3 movies. I made the custom bingo cards here. Everyone marked their cards as they saw each item on the list appear in the movies. Prizes were awarded to the first to get Bingo,four corners, and fill their card. I used candy, gift cards, and this fantastically creepy Blood Energy Potion

I used the following list to make the radomized cards. Add to it or create your own.

Friday the 13th Movie Bingo List

Kevin Bacon
Strip Monopoly
Bloody Axe
Police Officer
Hockey Mask
Bloodcurdling Scream
Amputated Hand
Throat Slit
Religious Fanatic
Truck Driver
Red Hot Fire Poker
Exposed Breast
Meat Cleaver
Knitting Needles Through Head
Mummified Head
Impaled By Spear
Broken Pitchfork
Eyeball Pops Out of Head
Crazy Ralph
Barbed Wire
Kitchen Knife


 Throw Your Own Friday the 13th Moviethon:


Friday the 13th is a fabulous excuse to celebrate Halloween any time of the year. This evening I will be hosting a few friends for Horror Movies, Spooky Games, and Terrifying Treats. I can’t wait to watch the Friday the 13th films while sipping a glass of Blood Orange Sangria.


Blood Manor: Bloody Valentine’s Weekend
163 Varick Street
New York, NY

Forget the roses and chocolates indeed!

We can’t wait to celebrate the most romantic of holidays with Blood Manor. 

Get your tickets now. The Bloody Valentine’s Weekend is February 11th & 12th. General admission tickets are $25 online or $30 at the door. RIP Express Entry tickets are $40 online or $45 at the door.


  Blood Manor: Bloody Valentine’s Weekend

Blackout Haunted House 2012 Off-Season Event

       Blackout Haunted House October 2012 

Blood ManorOctober 2012                                                                     

Nightmare is Killer – October 2012

Nightmare: Bronx (Bronx) – October 2012*

Times Scare Haunted House October 2012

Steampunk Haunted House – October 2012

After Dark at Madame Tussauds – October 2012

Merchant’s House Museum Candlelight Ghost Tour – October 2012

Trapped in Purgatory (Staten Island) – October 2012

Terror Behind the Walls (Philadelphia) – September 2012

Nyctophobia Haunted House (Long Island) – October 2012

Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse of Horrors (Long Island) – October 2012

Nightmare (Before Christmas) December 2012*

 * Unconfirmed


In honor of this weekend’s New Year’s Eve Massacarade at Times Scare, here are some dazzling creations by Tom Banwell Designs.

      Click Here to purchase one of these dazzling masks by Tom Banwell Designs.

Masks will be available for purchase at Times Scare on New Year’s Eve or you can purchase one ahead of time at one of the following shops.

 Or if you’re really creative make your own with the help of:


Join the Raven & Black Cat at the ONLY place for Horror-Lovers to celebrate New Year’s Eve:

 Times Scare’s New Year’s Eve Massacarade

Times Scare: New Year’s Massacarade
669 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY

Masquerade Ball  –  Haunted House  –  Magic Show  –  6 Hours of Open Bar  –  VIP Tables Available

Tickets: $30-$300
Official Website
Buy Tickets

We can’t wait to ring in the New Year at the most incredible horror-themed venue in Manhattan.


A Macabre Masquerade. A Terrifying Haunted House. A Twisted Magic Show.

All Peppered with the Excitement of Times Square. 

Join us.


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