Blackout Haunted House

If you’re upset that you didn’t get a ticket for the NYC Halloween Haunted House Off Season Event on May 21st and 22nd don’t cry just yet. There may be hope for you.

  • If you remember back to February, NYC Haunted House said that “both Spring and Summer dates” had been decided. 

  • They announced that 61 names had been added to “group one” in March.

  •  As recently as April 12th, they tweeted that they “have three more planned for this year.”

It looks as though a Group Two will be able to experience the off-season haunt this summer. So, pick yourself up, dry those eyes, and keep checking your e-mail.

At 10:33am, it appeared in my inbox. There it was. The email I had been waiting for for over a month. The final code to the puzzle. The last last piece of information that would allow me to find the website to purchase tickets for the Vortex Theatre’s NYC Halloween Haunted House “Spring Off Season” event. I immediately began shaking. This was it. The critical moment. I followed the instructions to write down my code. At the bottom of the e-mail I glanced at the special note:
** special note: as you will all see, we have had to make a large jump in terms of our ticket prices for the off-season event.  although we’ve always wanted to remain the low-cost option for NYC horror-enthusiasts, we have found it impossible to provide the kind of experience you’re expecting on such a limited budget.  our halloween events will continue to keep the prices down, however, these off-season events are now more intricate and elaborate and consequently require a higher price – and trust us, it’s worth it.  we understand this means that several of you will not be able to join us, and we hate to see that happen, which is why we’ve come up with an alternative for you.  if we have any remaining spots that have not been reserved by Monday May 9th, those tickets will be offered to the remaining invitees in an ebay-style bidding option.  you may get a lower price, but you may not.  as always, it’s up to you.  see you soon…
 I didn’t care. I was going to this event no matter what. I googled the haunt. Within seconds I was looking at the theatermania ticket listing and then the time slot schedule. I blindly clicked the first time slot I saw and then forced my trembling fingers to fill out my billing information. 
Then I saw it. The most beautiful words I’ve ever seen:
As I tried to calm my nerves a smile spread across my face. I had done it. My mission was complete. I have a “golden ticket.” I will experience the exclusive off-season haunt on Saturday, May 21st at 4:30pm. Looking back I wish I had chosen an evening time slot. The dark of night always makes things scarier, but at the time I wasn’t capable of thinking about anything other than securing a ticket. Any ticket. It may not be dark out, but I look forward to being one of the first to experience the event.
As of 12:02pm EST, there are only 6 time slots left for the event. Good luck to the rest of the invite list.
**I will, once again, post a detailed walk-through of the event for those who are unable to attend. It will be available after the haunt has officially closed its doors.** 

The tension is mounting for the 62 people invited to the NYC Halloween Haunted House Off-Season Haunt. Every week we have been given a small morsel of information. A reward for getting through the week. With 4 weeks behind us we try to put the pieces together….

  • We know it will be in two different locations in Chelsea.
  • We know that there are new rules (“No speaking, screaming, or noise of any kind.”) and a warning not to have anyone “trailing” you.
  • We know that the Haunt will run for only 2 days.
  • We know that the nightmare begins on May 21st.
  • We know that sometime  in the next week we will be given a code to try to get our hands on one of the twenty available tickets.
  • We know that after 4 weeks of obsessive e-mail monitoring and stress we are speaking in the third person.
  • We know that we will be devastated if we don’t get a ticket.

NYC Halloween Haunted House is keeping us on edge. It has been over a week since they sent an e-mail to those invited to the Spring Haunt.

Yesterday, they posted this teaser photo on their facebook page with the caption: “visit.”

We’re waiting patiently… and it’s torture.

I really should have known better than to expect ticket information from NYC Halloween Haunted House on April Fool’s Day, but my excitement got the better of me. I saw the facebook post, “something’s coming tomorrow…” and my reaction was entirely visceral. I stalked my email inbox from 10:20am to 10:43am. I jumped at every incoming message. Then at 10:43am, there it was. Three e-mails right in a row.

The first message contained just one word: “it.” The second  read: “begins.” The third email said:

it begins this month. 
there are only twenty spots available and sixty-two people invited.  
 so when it starts, it will go fast.  
please be prepared.
rules will be coming next.   for now,  enjoy this….” 
(Underneath the message was a link to the video below.)
One thing is for sure. NYC Halloween Haunted House masterfully integrates suspense and fear into every aspect of their events.
Right now, I’m terrified. I’m terrified that I won’t get to go.
[vimeo w=400&h=295]nyc halloween haunted house – 2011 promo (3) from HauntedNYC on Vimeo.

On Friday, I received this chilling image containing a beautiful message. I have been chosen. I have officially been invited to the NYC Halloween Haunted House Spring Haunt!

So, now I wait once again. What comes next? My excitement fades to concern. My memory reminds me of the warning: “There are 62 invitations going out and only 20 tickets available – so don’t get too comfortable if you’ve been invited.”

I won’t be able to truly relax until I have a ticket in my hand.

My mission to attend the Vortex Theatre’s exclusive off-season haunt officially began when I received three e-mails yesterday at 10:29am-10:30am from NYC Halloween Haunted House. Each e-mail contained one dot (.) creating an ellipsis or ‘suspension point.’

These masters of suspense have me checking my e-mail obsessively.

How long will the suspense last? How long will they toy with us? There are 62 invitations going out and only 20 tickets available. Once the invitations go out it will be a cutthroat battle to see who can secure their visit to this exclusive and unconventional off-season haunt.

NYC Halloween Haunted HouseClick Here

NYC’s scariest haunted house will strike fear into its invited guests at a secret location this April. To receive an invitation you must have attended one of their previous haunts. The Raven & Black Cat is keeping their fingers crossed that they receive an invitation to this bone-chilling exclusive event.


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