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Why We Find Extreme Haunted Houses Empowering

A response to Stephanie Sylverne’s article “Extreme Haunted Houses Aren’t Cool – They’re inhumane.”

We love Halloween. All of it – the history, the whimsy of pumpkin picking and bobbing for apples, and the ability to make yourself feel more alive by stepping outside of your comfort zone. We freely admit that we are adrenaline junkies. We love the adrenaline rush we get from performing on stage and we love the adrenaline rush we get from extreme haunted houses.

Extreme haunted houses provide a safe environment to test your physical and mental limitations within the realm of a fictional immersive theater experience. We have attended many extreme haunted houses (including the infamous off-season events of Blackout Haunted House) and we have never been placed in any real danger.

That being said, we are both women in our early 30s (one of us is even a mom) and we take our safety very seriously. We do not sky dive, bungee jump, or participate in events like the Tough Mudder extreme obstacle mud run because we are unwilling to risk our safety.

Extreme Haunted houses like Blackout and Freakling Bros create the illusion of an out of control experience, but the reality is that every moment is precisely planned and monitored. The actors are trained to handle different scenarios and many have backgrounds in stage combat and professional wrestling. This illusion allows you to push your boundaries and face your darkest fears in a safe environment where no real harm will come to you. Nearly all extreme haunts have a safe word. If the experience becomes too much for you then you say the safe word and it’s over. McKamey Manor is the one exception. They do not have a safe word and all participants are aware of that fact before they enter. No one enters an extreme haunt against their will.

The psychological aspect of these experiences allows you to project your deepest fears on the subject matter, which can be very personal and unsettling, so it is perfectly understandable that survivors of abuse like Ms. Sylverne might find the thought of these simulated experiences appalling.

Extreme Haunted Houses are not for everyone. Fear is subjective and affects everyone differently. I sleep just fine after visiting an extreme haunted house, but I can’t watch horror movies like Hostel, Silent Hill, or the Saw franchise because they give me nightmares. So, I believe that it’s inaccurate to suggest that extreme haunted houses exist solely because our society has become desensitized and dead inside. Everyone is different and it’s important to know your limits before you participate in any kind of extreme activity.

Extreme Haunted Houses are what you make of them. We find it very empowering that we are able to withstand the simulated violence and horror scenarios that others cannot. The adrenaline rush you get from playing the role of the lone survivor in a simulated horror movie comes with a sense of accomplishment and pride for having challenged your fears. Standing up to our fears makes us feel powerful and we’d like to think that in some small way our experiences in extreme haunted houses might help us to remain calm in dangerous real life situations. And it’s fun. Because it’s not real. It’s make believe, but when it’s over you return to your life with perspective and a deeper understanding of who you are.

In the future, we encourage news publications and journalists writing about these events to contact the haunt owners directly or speak to someone who actually participated when it comes to the content of these shows. Just because you think something happened, doesn’t necessarily mean that it did. There are numerous theatrical tricks that can be used to create illusions and the haunt owners can discuss how they safely create the moments that feel very dangerous.

Extreme Haunted Houses: Meet the Creators
Blackout Haunted House

Blackout Haunted House

McKamey Manor

McKamey Manor

Freakling Bros. Horror Shows

Freakling Bros. Horror Shows

The creators of the three most extreme haunted houses in America were interviewed by Rick West (Theme Park Adventure) for “Extreme Mazes: Pushing the Limits of Terror” at the 2013 ScareLA Haunt Convention. Watch and enjoy the evil genius of JT Mollner (Freakling Brothers), Russ McKamey (McKamey
), and Josh Randall (Blackout). 

Videos courtesy of McKamey Manor.





The 7 Most Extreme Haunted Houses in America (Updated 2015)

UPDATED 2015: We seek out the craziest most extreme haunted attractions in the country. The haunted houses on our list cater to adult audiences and involve waivers, extreme physical contact, safe words, abduction, violence, nudity and electric shock. The 7 haunts below shatter the traditional rules and limitations of haunted attractions to provide the scariest, most intense experience the haunt industry has to offer. 


7. Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres

Pataskala, Ohio  |  Official Website   |  $25 – $45  |  Parental Advisory Explicit Content

Features: Violence, Sexual Undertones, Extreme Physical Contact.

When we attended the Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres an actor threw me over his shoulder and carried me off into a different room where he spun me around several times and then pushed me back in with my group. We were also cornered by men with chainsaws and one of us got hit in the head.  

A sign at the entrance of the haunt warns, “ATTENTION: Entering Dead Acres entails known and unanticipated risks that could result in physical or emotional injury. Risks may include among other things, slipping falling, collision with fixed objects or other participants…This may be the best haunted house you’ve ever experienced. Have Fun.”



6. D E A D  OF  N I G H T

Long Island, New York  |  Official Website   |   ?   |  Adults 18+ Only

Features: Violence, Sexual Undertones, Extreme Physical Contact, Submersion in Water, Humiliation, Must Sign a Waiver, There is a Safe Word.

In 2013, DEAD OF NIGHT on Long Island had one of the most brilliant haunt openings I’ve ever seen. Everyone waited in lines listening to a calming “we are here for your protection” recording, which was interrupted at intervals by an air raid siren and men in gas masks and suits, who each grabbed an unsuspecting patron and dragged them into the haunt.  Some people were dragged in, one girl was zipped into a body bag, and I was thrown over someone’s shoulder and carried inside. The haunt opened with this very strong abduction scenario, then the focus shifted to humiliation, the smearing of strange substances, and hitting people in the face with laughably large and painfully heavy fake penises. The experience has evolved quite a bit since 2013 and the theme changes every year.



ScareHouse, located in Pittsburgh, PA, is an elaborate haunted house attraction inside a nearly 100-year-old historic and haunted building. ScareHouse offers 3 differently themed haunts for just one price this Halloween season: The Forsaken, Creepo's Christmas in 3-D, and Pittsburgh Zombies.   New for 2013! Limited tickets available for "The Basement" – an intense, immersive, and interactive experience underneath ScareHouse.  No one under 18 will be admitted due to subject matter.   Tickets and more information about Pittsburgh's Ultimate Haunted House is available at

5. ScareHouse: The Basement

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  |  Official Website   |  $35 – $50  |  Adults 18+ Only 

Features: Violence, Sexual Undertones, Extreme Physical Contact, Electric Shock, Religious Themes, Must Sign a Waiver, There is a Safe Word.

The Basement at ScareHouse is an intense, immersive, and interactive experience inside a nearly 100-year-old historic and haunted building. You may enter in pairs or alone. I chose to enter alone. It was a spectacular experience. There is a great deal of improvisation and dialogue with the actors as you make your way through each scene of your own personal horror movie. The actors were incredibly creative and fun to talk to as they doled out electric shocks and extreme physical contact. The Basement is a collaborative immersive theatre experience peppered with elements of extreme horror.



4. The Cult

North Conway, New Hampshire  |  Official Website   |  N/A  |  Adults Only  | No Longer Exists

Features: 18+, Must Enter Alone, Encounter Live Animals, Edibles, Extreme Violence, Sexual Undertones, Must Sign a Waiver, There is a Safe Word, Extreme Physical Contact.

Our visit to The Cult involved drinking faux urine, being bound and gagged and getting crawled on by cockroaches! Read a complete walk through of our experience here. 

**UPDATE: Cranmore Mountain Resort chose not to bring back The Cult for the 2013+2014+2015 season. Ask The Ghoullog Creators to bring back The Cult in 2016! Contact them now on Facebook or Twitter!** 


3. Blackout Haunted House

New York/California  |  Official Website   |  $45 – $150  |  Adults 18+ Only

Features: 18+, Extreme Violence, Full Frontal Nudity, Sexual Situations, Must Enter Alone, Edibles, Submersion in Water, Must Sign a Waiver, Extreme Physical Contact, There is a Safe Word.

Blackout Haunted House earns the #3 spot for their extreme OFF-SEASON EVENTS which combine their unique brand of immersive horror theater with elements that due to a gag order I am not permitted to disclose.  Their annual October haunt and exclusive off-season events are infamous. In the 7 events I have attended since 2010, I have been abducted in a van, faux-water-boardedrolled naked in a sheet of plastic and forced to walk barefoot down a used condom covered hallway. Blackout is never predictable. The experience is always shocking, upsetting, and exhilarating.

INFERNO is currently running in San Francisco Armory.

Blackout Reviews & Walk-Throughs

Blackout Off-Season Event Reviews & Walk-Throughs



2. Freakling Bros: Victim Experience III

Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Official Website   |  $100 – $150  |  Adults 18+ Only

Features: 18+, Extreme Violence, Deeply Personal Experience, Sexual Undertones, Partial Nudity, Submersion in Water, Electric Shock, Must Sign a Waiver, There is a Safe Word, Extreme Physical Contact.

The Victim Experience III is an uncensored, more extreme way to experience their 18+ Gates of Hell attraction. The Victim Experience is incredibly intense and you must go through alone. Participants will experience extreme physical contact, light torture, simulated drowning, and more. A member of our team made it all the way through and described the Victim Experience as, “intensely personal …more intense, scary and painful than the most intense Off-Season Blackout experience I have ever had.” 

Boy, do we believe him! We attended just the regular 18+ Gates of Hell attraction back in 2012 (before they started the Victim Experience) and that was deliciously intense! I watched a camouflaged attacker appear out of nowhere, grab my colleague by the foot, then knock her down and drag her away down a long hallway. I was left alone in the darkness until the attacker came back for me and threw me over his shoulder. We also faced electric shocks, professional wrestlers, and a firing squad. Read more about our experience here. Coming Soon: a no-spoilers account of what it’s like to survive the Victim Experience. 


and the Most Extreme (Possibly Unsafe) Haunted House in America is…

1. McKamey Manor

San Diego, California  |  Official Website   |  Dog Food Donation  |  Adults 21+ Only

Features: 21+, Extreme Violence, Small Enclosed Spaces, Edibles, Submersion in Water, Haircut, Covered in Blood, Must Sign a Waiver, Extreme Physical Contact, 4-7 Hour Experience.

McKamey Manor is the only attraction on the list that we have not personally experienced. This insanely extreme home haunt tops our list because it can use scare tactics that are off limits to professional attractions. We’re also not sure that what they’re doing is 100% safe. Participants are covered in blood, forced to eat disgusting things, threatened with power tools, stuffed into a clothes dryer, submerged in water, physically assaulted, and given a haircut. Don’t believe us? Just watch their 2013 promotional video below. Did we mention the experience lasts for 4-7 hours?! This one is too insane for even us!

Did we miss one? Let us know if there is a haunt that we should consider adding to the list!



Few things divide haunted house fans like whether or not they want to be touched by the horrifying characters lurking within. Here is our list of haunts that push the limit by invading your personal space and literally wrap their icy fingers around you.    

Note: This feature is updated frequently. Please email regarding any information that is no longer accurate or to add a haunted attraction.


Our list ranges in intensity from the most extreme (haunts that grab you violently, lift you off your feet, grab you by the throat, have sexual undertones or touch you with electricity, ect.) to a subtle and spookier use of an unexpected soft touch or touch with an object. 

New York, New York

18+, Extreme, Violent, Sexual Undertones, Must Enter Alone, Must Sign a Waiver. There is a safe word.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Gates of Hell Attraction: 17+, Extreme, Violent, Sexual Undertones, Uses Electricity, Must Sign a Waiver, Rated-R. There is a safe word.


Pataskala, Ohio

Extreme, Violent, Sexual Undertones, Parental Advisory Explicit Content


North Conway, New Hampshire

18+, Extreme, Violent, Must Enter Alone, Encounter Live Animals, Must Sign a Waiver. There is a safe word. NOTE: The Cult will not return for 2013. **Fingers Crossed For 2014**


Suffolk County, New York

Completely New Every Year, 16+, Violent, Must Sign a Waiver. There is a safe word.


New York, New York

Violent, Being Touched is Optional, Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No children under 10 will be admitted.


Spring City, Pennsylvania

No age requirements are specified.


Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

No age requirements are specified.


Mountville, Pennsylvania

Not recommended for children under 10 years old.


Mishawaka, Indiana

Use of light touch. No age requirements are specified.


Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania

Use of light touch, No age requirements are specified.


Jefferson, Louisiana

No age requirements are specified.


Taylorsville, Utah

Optional 18+ Hands-On-Horror and X-Scream Upgrades, Must Sign a Waiver.


Newnan, Georgia

Optional 13 XTREME Attraction, 18+ and Must Sign a Waiver.


Abington, Massachusetts

For 2 Nights Only, Barrett’s Haunted Mansion turns off the lights and allows their ghouls to touch you. There is a safe word. Not recommended for children under 7.


Cedar Rapids, Iowa

On Specific Nights: 18+, Must Enter Alone, Must Sign a Waiver.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For The First Time Ever: Being Touched is an Option, Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No children under 7 will be admitted.


San Diego, California

18+, Extreme, 2-3 Hour Experience, Must Sign a Waiver.


Etna, Pennsylvania

18+, Enter 1 or 2 at a time, Sexual and Violent Situations, Must Sign a Waiver.


Los Angeles, California

17+, Interactive Horror Theatre, Must Sign a Waiver.


Los Angeles, California

18+, Secret Location, Psychologically Spine-tingling Experience, Must Go Through Alone, Must Sign a Waiver.



BLACKOUT: elements
164 11th Avenue
New York, NY

I attended a preview of BLACKOUT: elements on Saturday, September 7. Blackout Haunted House has developed a cult following for its extreme brand of immersive horror theater. Creators Josh Randall and Kristjan Thorgeirsson are infamous for obliterating the traditional rules and limitations of haunted attractions and bending the genre to encompass darker, more extreme, scare tactics.

This was the seventh Blackout event that I have attended. Having previously been faux-water-boarded and abducted in a van, I had no idea what to expect. Blackout Haunted House is many things, but it is never predictable.   

BLACKOUT: elements takes its inspiration from the four basic elements (earth, water, air, fire) and includes indoor exterior environments, unusual tasks and encounters with both odd and incredibly frightening, characters. The scares are still physical and psychological, but the experience feels less like an abduction and more like a journey through a ‘Narnia’ or ‘Wonderland’-like fantasy world gone terribly, terribly wrong. 

The interactive set requires climbing, crawling and feeling your way through paths obscured by fog or darkness. Forked paths require a choice be made and create the illusion of being in control of your fate. With multiple courses and tormentors, no two experiences are the same. The experience is a barrage of horror and phobia scenarios capable of triggering a wide range of emotions. The illusion of having control over how you explore the haunt makes the experience intensely personal and absolutely exhilarating.

It’s safe to say that you will experience nothing else like BLACKOUT: elements this Halloween season. You will want to buy tickets now, while you still can.


BLACKOUT: elements Runs

NEW YORK CITY | September 7 – Nov 10

LOS ANGELES |  October 4 – November 10

CHICAGO | December 2013

Ticket Information

Preview Performances:  $45.00  |  General Admission: $65.00 

Age Requirements

“No one under 18 permitted and you must walk through alone.”

Additional Information

Blackout Haunted House Reviews & Walk-Throughs

  • Blackout Haunted House Review (2012)
  • Blackout Haunted House Walk-Through & Review (2011)
  • Blackout Haunted House Walk-Through & Review (2010) 

    Blackout Haunted House Exclusive Invite-Only Off-Season Event Reviews & Walk-Throughs

    More Blackout Haunted House

    Blackout Haunted House will be featured on the Travel Channel:

    Halloween Craziest Premieres: Sunday, Oct. 13th, 2013, 10:00 p.m. ET/PT



    Tickets are currently on sale for the NYC production of BLACKOUT: elements, a new immersive theater experience from Blackout Haunted House. Buy your tickets early before they sell out. A little bird told us that an ‘element’ of choice will make you want to experience the haunt more than once.   

    We will be attending a preview performance Saturday, September 7th. 

    Look Out NYC. Blackout is Back!  


    From the Official Press Release: 

    After five years of revolutionizing the haunted house industry, BLACKOUT will premiere a new type of horror theater this fall: BLACKOUT:elements. The immersive performance takes inspiration from the four basic elements, thrusting BLACKOUT fans into an intense world of fear unlike anything they’ve experienced before. After signing a waiver, all audience members must walk through the experience completely alone. Immersing themselves in the elaborately designed set pieces, audience members are forced to interact with the characters in a series of twisted and petrifying scenarios. 

    Longer, more intimate, and significantly more intense; BLACKOUT:elements takes terror to a whole new level. Each experience is approximately 30 minutes per person. Tickets start at $65 and can be purchased through the website: 


    NEW YORK CITY: Sat, September 7th – Sun, November 10th, 7pm-11pm

    at the VORTEX THEATER, 164 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY 10011

    Advanced reservations strongly recommended.


    LOS ANGELES: Fri, October 4th – Sun, November 10th, 7pm-11pm 

    at the VARIETY ARTS CENTER, 940 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

    Advanced reservations strongly recommended.


    CHICAGO: December, 2013

    Specific dates and Location to be announced soon




    Blackout Haunted House
    115 West 27th Street
    New York, NY

    Blackout Haunted House has upped the ante this year. No matter what you’ve read. No matter what you’ve heard. Everything you think you know is wrong. There’s no way to prepare for this.

    Blackout Haunted House is an immersive theatre experience that draws on the horror scenarios of real life. It will test your limits and push you to your breaking point. If it becomes too much for you, uttering the safe word will abruptly end your experience and bring you back to safety. 

    This is the fifth Blackout event (formerly NYC Halloween Haunted House) that I have attended and while every experience is like starring in your own horror movie, it’s getting progressively more intense. 

    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –     –    –    –    –    –    –    –    – 

    Upon arrival you sign the infamous waiver and are assigned a number. There is a convenient coat check system this year to store your belongings.   

    Fog circulates through the dimly lit waiting area. Three chairs face a roped off section of the room that glows with light. There is even some cleverly devised entertainment to enjoy, while you nervously wait to enter the house.  

    When they call my number ( #35) I feel myself go to a place of calm acceptance. I’m in their hands now…

    …and I mean that quite literally.   

    From the moment it begins, it is disturbing and artful. I spend the first part of the haunt giggling with delight beneath my protective mask. Then without warning, I find myself pushed to the edge of my rather extensive comfort zone.  

    This barrage of bizarre images and horrifying situations is mixed with masterfully employed sensory deprivation. Then they bring it to a boil and add a heaping tablespoon of WTF.  

    Blackout Haunted House is the ultimate adrenaline rush. It is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Don’t miss it.


    A detailed walk-through of my experience will be posted in mid-November.


    Blackout Haunted House Runs

    September 27th – November 4th

    Ticket Information

    • General Admission (NYC): $45.00 – $50.00

    Age Requirements

    No one under 18 admitted.

    Additional Information

    Blackout Haunted House/Waiting Area

    Blackout Haunted House/Waiting Area

    Blackout Haunted House

    Blackout Haunted House




    Visiting Blackout Haunted House Tonight.


    Half  Excited.   Half  Terrified.


    You Never Know What They Have In Store For You…


    Tickets for the infamous Blackout Haunted House went on sale today at 6am for NYC & LA!

    Blackout Haunted House Runs

    September 27 – November 4  in New York City   |  October 26 – November 4  in Los Angeles

    Get ready, Los Angeles. You have no idea what you’re in for…


    Get your tickets at:

    Additional Information


    Blackout Haunted House Off-Season Event (2012)
    Secret Location
    New York, NY

    Manhattan’s Blackout Haunted House is infamous for its unconventional scare tactics. It has reached cult status among its fans and given birth to crazy urban legend hoax theories. Their exclusive off-season events are always the most extreme.

    This will be my second off-season event and I’m feeling anxious, but focusing all of my energy on arriving exactly on time. Tardiness is not tolerated.

    I’m dressed in old clothes that I don’t care about. A lesson I learned last year the hard way.

    I arrive at the secret location exactly on time and a peaceful feeling comes over me as I relinquish control to Blackout Haunted House. I am in their hands now.

    I have no idea that in 40 minutes I’ll be lying naked on a hotel floor wrapped in industrial plastic.

    A man wearing a Blackout Elipsis t-shirt walks over to me. I am instructed to read and sign a waiver. I must read the last paragraph out loud for a video waiver.

    I am instructed to walk down the street. I walk cautiously, afraid I will miss something, when Blackout co-creator Josh Randall appears at my side and in his intense way gives instructions and hands me a cell phone and an envelope. I follow the instructions and when I reach the specified intersection the phone rings. I answer. I open the envelope as instructed. Inside are directions and a key card. The voice tells me to look to my left. Then I see my destination. It’s a hotel.

    I focus on following the directions printed on the small sheet of paper I found in the envelope. Enter the hotel. Take the right elevator. Find the right room. I take a deep breath and enter the warm balmy room the hotel AC is working tirelessly to counteract.

    I follow instructions. Take my shoes off and place them by the bed. The “gift” I can accept or refuse sits on the desk in front of the bed. It is a shot of whiskey. I figure I can use all the help I can get and toss it back quickly before I follow the final instructions. “Get into bed, turn off the light, and go to sleep.”

    I try to relax. I listen to the hum of the AC. Then I realize I can hear movement coming from the far side of the room. It continues and I can feel it growing nearer.

    I am surprised when I suddenly feel weight on the bed in two different places. The weight moves until I am sandwiched between two bodies audibly breathing at the same pace. The warmth and deep breathing feels sensual at first but quickly grows hostile and claustrophobic as the breathing gets increasingly faster and closer until there is simultaneous hyperventilating on each side of my face. The breathers quickly rush in closer to my face and then out. The breather on my right accidentally clocks me in the head.

    Disoriented, I am lifted up and held in a seated position. Then a pillow presses over my face.

    I inhale deeply as the pillow moves from my face. Arms pull me from the bed and I am standing on the floor moving toward the other side of the room. A bag goes over my head and my hands are bound. I am led into what I assume is a corner of the bathroom and a voice tells me not to move.

    I stand perfectly still for a few moments and then I hear a sickly voice. “Take off the hood.”

    I remove the hood and turn. “Pull back the curtain,” the voice says. I follow the instructions and pull back the shower curtain revealing a dirty and naked young woman lying in the tub. She mumbles additional instructions to give her a pill (Tic Tac) from a pill bottle and a swig of water. The (Tic Tac) pill brings her back to life. She climbs out of the tub and corners me. Then she begins removing all of my clothes.

    I’m standing naked in the bathroom with the dirty naked girl and notice the infrared camera on the ceiling.

    Great… Video footage of me naked.

    I’m starting to feel really creeped out and then the naked girl starts touching herself and it’s ruined.

    Watching another girl masturbate isn’t scary. It just makes the bathroom smell like vagina.

    I’m feeling underwhelmed by the bathroom/naked girl section when the bathroom door opens and I am led back into the bedroom. I am completely naked except for a pair of night vision goggles that have been placed on my head.

    Still completely naked, I am ordered to sit in the hotel desk chair (and the germaphobe in me dies a little thinking of all the germs.) They mention something about a phone, but nothing happens and I can’t find it. (I learned that other victims received a phone call and had to write their home address on a piece of paper.)

    I am pulled up from the chair and the night vision goggles are removed. My captor demands that I lie face down on the ‘X’ on a sheet of plastic that now covers the floor beside the bed.

    Instantly visions of Showtime’s Dexter and a million horror movie scenarios run through my head. My brain calculates: Naked Body + Industrial Plastic = Dead.

    I follow instructions and lay down on the sheet of plastic. Then I’m being rolled in the plastic like a big naked burrito. I have plastic over my head and I can’t breathe. My head is lifted up and I am instructed to open my mouth and two fingers press through the plastic allowing me to breathe. Then there is a face very close to mine and it says in a hurried and intense way, “It’s Never Over! You have exactly 60 seconds to get dressed and get the f*ck out of here.”

    I am released from the plastic and frantically grab my clothes, which are laid out on the bed. I dress as quickly as my arms will allow and stumble out the door clutching my socks in my hand. Then I make my way back onto the warm NYC street and try to wrap my head around what just happened.

    Final Thoughts

    I have really mixed feelings about this event. I really liked the interactive opening, but I could have done without the entire naked girl/bathroom section. I understand how that could be effective for male participants who are afraid of becoming aroused in front of a camera, but from a female perspective it was a bit boring. “Scary Vaginas” seem to be a recurring theme for Blackout and it’s one that I would like to see them retire.

    My favorite moments were lying on the bed in the dark and trying to determine whether there was someone else in the room (or if it was just my imagination) and then the claustrophobic dispay that answered the question. 

    I am not a fan of being completely nude during my haunted house experiences, but I have to admit that there is something quite chilling about being naked and wrapped in plastic. Blackout Haunted House delivers another shocking 45 minutes that would make my mother cry. 

    Additional Information

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