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I've always heard that you need to be careful when using a Ouija board.  Assuming you make contact with someone, it likely won't be the person you were actually trying to reach, rather it could be someone pretending to be them.  You wouldn't just dial up a random phone number and expect to get grandma, would you?  At least over the phone you can tell that the heavy breather on the other end doesn't sound like her.  How are you supposed to know that you've gotten a faker with a Ouija board?  Realize that grandma wasn't this good at spelling?  

That's essentially the premise behind the new Universal Pictures movie, 

Ouija based on the game by Hasbro - which by the way is appropriate for ages 10+ (don't you dare contact the dead if you're 9).  Following a friend's mysterious death, a group of teens decide to use a board to make contact and get answers.  Shortly after using it for the first time, the teens find themselves stalked in a particularly creepy and jump scare-worthy fashion.  For some reason, the teens think this is actually their dear friend trying to reach them, despite the fact that their encounters are scaring the crap out of them.  To all of my friends or loved ones - if you pass on and want to contact me from the other side, please just send me an email.  Or an edible arrangement.  Something non-threatening would be appreciated.

From there, our plucky group of teens look to unravel the mystery behind who they're actually talking to, and how it all links to the death of their friend.  

Ouija had its audience squirming in their seats in anticipation, jumping at the right places, and then laughing/groaning at their poorly controlled reactions (myself included...  I knew the scares were coming and I still jumped).  At a quick 89-minutes, the movie never drags and has the traditional horror bad judgment necessary to move the plot.  At one point, a character in the movie asked, "What should we do?"  During our screening, the woman next to me responded to that question with "Run, fool!"  That would have been the right answer, but in the movie they just used the Ouija board some more... which I suppose makes for a scarier and longer movie.

Is Ouija going to freak me out and make me turn on a night light tonight?  Nah.  But is it a movie to get you into the Halloween spirit with some solid jump scares that will have you grabbing the arm of the person next to you?  You bet.  Just make sure to introduce yourself first.

Ouija opens Friday October 24th.

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Grand Prize Package: OUIJA Board, Two T-Shirts, & Headband

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OUIJA T-Shirt & Headband

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OUIJA T-Shirt & Necklace

OUIJA opens in theaters October 24, 2014. Universal will be sponsoring a promotional event on Tuesday, October 21st, starting at 7:30 pm at LoveCraft in NYC. They will be giving away additional merchandise and tickets to an advance screening of OUIJA on Wednesday, October 22nd! 

REVIEW: Field of Screams

Field Of Screams
191 College Avenue
Mountville, PA

Imagine it's Friday night and you've just come home from a long day of work/school/doing nothing and your sweetheart says to you, "I really want to have a local teenager run a chainsaw against the back of my legs, tonight."  And you say, "I was hoping we could go have Italian sausages and some fried dough."  And they say, "But I want a demented clown to braid my hair."  And you say, "But I've been practicing throwing softballs at empty bottles in the backyard and I think I could finally win you an over-sized teddy bear."  This is clearly a tense moment, but then you realize together that there's a place you could go that would make you both happy and you say in unison: Field of Screams!  Field of Screams (saving relationships since 1993) is a terrific reminder that a little fear can be a whole lot of fun.  With three walk-through haunts (Frightmare Asylum, Den of Darkness and the new outdoors Nocturnal Wasteland), and a top notch hayride, along with a series of horror-themed carnival games and food, there are hours of scare-filled entertainment to be had. I'd offer my services to Field of Screams as a marketing consultant, but with a packed house on the first weekend in October, it's pretty clear that they're doing just fine.

Is It Scary? 

According to the Official Website: “Live in your nightmares as you journey through each attraction and be prepared for the most horrifying experience of your life because Field of Screams takes fear to a whole new level.”

The Raven & Black Cat says: I saw a woman in a full on sprint being chased by a monster with a chainsaw... out in the main entertainment area!  I also watched the bravest preteen I've ever seen go nose to nose with the haunt's inhabitants and barely blink (she had ice water in her veins!).  I had a few moments of anxiety myself, but more than anything I had a great time throughout.  

What We Loved

Right when I entered the Frightmare Asylum, a "patient" snuck up behind me and took my arm like we were on a date.  It was sweet and it felt right, but just before I could ask her to prom, a fellow inmate popped up and screamed in my face.  I was not expecting to be touched and it wasn't aggressive, but that automatically upped the intensity.  The walk through haunts are terrific, however the hayride is the star of the show.  Highlights included a creepy butcher family and some pig carcasses, a barn full of giant snakes and a spooky circus.  I was hoping for once that the spooky circus would be filled with trapeze artists or lion tamers, but nope... clowns.  Always clowns. 

What Could Be Better

When I entered the creepy emergency room, the actor said "What are you doing in my emergency room?"  When I entered the creepy power plant the actor said "What are you doing in my power plant?"  "What are you doing in my kitchen?"  "What are you doing on my lawn?"  Guys, I'm at a haunted house, that's what I'm doing. Encountering creative dialogue when you enter a room can make a huge difference.  

Final Thoughts

Field of Screams is at the top of their game combining great sets and effects with engaged actors and clever scares.  A crazy doctor sprayed me with something and said it was Ebola.  That's an actor having fun, and it translates to a guest having fun.  By the way, should I be worried about the cough I've developed?

Field of Screams 2014 Season

September 12  - November 9

Ticket Information

  • Scream Pass (All 4 Attractions):   $33
  • Triple Combo Pass (Any 3 of 4 Attractions): $30
  • Double Combo Pass (Any 2 of 4 Attractions): $27
  • Haunted Hayride Only:  $16
  • Den of Darkness Only:  $14
  • Frightmare Asylum Only:  $14
  • Nocturnal Wasteland Only: $14
  • VIP Upgrade (Skip to the front of the line): Add $15

Discount Tickets

  • 13Haunts Coupon: $8 Off VIP Scream Pass/ $5 Off Regular Scream Pass -Click Here!
  • Join the Field of Screams Mailing List for Additional Coupons and Discounts.

Age Requirements

Not recommended for children under 10 years old.  (They have a non scary daytime event for children and adults who are young at heart at Corn Cob Acres.)

Additional Information