Blood Manor
163 Varick Street
New York, NY

Blood Manor is celebrating its 10th year of terror this October, with the usual dose of ghouls, gore, and good times, along with some new twists!  Conveniently located on Varick Street, Blood Manor opens this Friday, October 3rd.  We were lucky enough to get an early look at the haunt at their Media Preview event.

Is It Scary?

According to their Official Website: “Yes.  Blood Manor is designed to be the most intense, creepy and ‘scream inducing’ haunted house attraction in the New York tri-state area.”

The Raven & Black Cat says: If you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit with a classic, group walk-through style haunted house with lots of blood, incredible makeup, top notch sets, and 3-D effects, then Blood Manor is for you.

What We Loved

The look of the monsters was outstanding with real attention to detail paid to each actor’s makeup.  Even when interacting up close at the media event with better lighting than inside the house, they still looked terrific.  The characters also varied their approach to interacting with me.  One zombie took the classic ‘be threatening and scary tact’ and whispered in my ear that she wanted to drink the blood out of my heart like it was tea (which I assume means with some half and half and a twist of lemon).  Other characters injected some humor, while still lingering in your personal space to make you uncomfortable.  We met a foul mouthed blonde named “Tiffany” (don’t tell anyone, but I think Tiffany was a man) who asked “D” if he wanted to be her new boyfriend.  The role was available because she had killed her last boyfriend in a way that would have made Lorena Bobbitt blush.  Since he’s married, “D” unfortunately had to reject the offer.  He made a promise that only his wife is allowed to murder him through genital dismemberment.

What Could Be Better

There were some characters who seemed to really enjoy interacting with the Manor’s guests and played off of the crowd well.  Others jumped out and then didn’t offer much beyond the initial scare.  Since a group walks through a room at their own pace, being able to sustain creepiness after that initial jump scare is key.

Final Thoughts

Blood Manor continues to bring grade A presentation and classic haunt style to NYC.  This year, they’ve added ‘Touch Me Thursdays’ where you can opt to be touched by the actors, and Blackout Nights (November 7th and 8th) where they turn down the lights and you have to walk through with only a glow stick – both promise to up the fear factor.  There is also a new timed line system to reduce your wait to get in. 

Blood Manor Runs

October 3rd – November 8th

Ticket Information

  • General Admission (Online): $33.50

  • General Admission (At the Door): $35.00

  • R.I.P. Express Entry (Online): $53.50 (comes with free t-shirt!)

  • R.I.P. Express Entry (At the Door): $60.00 (also comes with free t-shirt!)

Discount Tickets

  • 50% Off General Admisison & RIP Tickets – Click Here

Age Requirements

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Additional Information


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