Field of Screams
191 College Avenue
Mountville, PA

I took one look at Field of Screams in Mountville, Pennsylvania, and was bowled-over by what has to be the scariest looking cornfield I have ever seen…and I grew up in Pennsylvania. It’s with good reason that this ghastly overgrown cornfield and the haunted attractions it surrounds have been scaring area residents for the last 20 years. Field of Screams resembles a County Fair from Hell, complete with an entertainment area with food vendors, horror-themed games, and a stage. This midway of the macabre sits between an elaborate Haunted Hayride and two creepy old barns that house the walk-through attractions Frightmare Asylum and Den of Darkness.

Frightmare Asylum is a twisting walking tour through insanity, chock full of detailed environments, clever special effects, and disturbing themes. Look out for a seriously creepy homage to clowns.

The Den of Darkness received a massive redesign for 2012. From the outside it looks like your run of the mill Haunted Mansion, but inside there is a tantalizing variety of horror and special effects ranging from a dark dungeon full of spark throwing angle grinders to a small passage in the wall that requires crawling on all fours into total darkness. A surprise photo-op captures your screams for posterity on their Facebook page.

 The Haunted Hayride loads you onto a wagon for a journey into that dreaded corn. Each stop is a grand display of impressive sets and dazzling special effects.

Is It Scary?

According to their Official Website“We terrify all who visit, so come prepared to scream.”

The Raven & Black Cat says:   They have taken great care to zero-in on many common phobias. If dolls, darkness, cornfields, tight spaces, and clowns (with chainsaws!) are your idea of a frightful good time, then the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’

Here’s A Tip

Visit Field of Screams on a Sunday, or spring for the VIP Upgrade to skip the lines. Without timed admission, you could be waiting in line for a while. 

What We Loved

We love the sensory details used at Field of Screams. Creative lighting techniques, the light touch of an actor’s hand, the strong smells of the old barn, and an interactive set fully engage you in the experience. We also loved the use of unusual and detailed movement in the asylum. One girl looked like she was straight out of ‘Silent Hill.’  

Other highlights are the room full of menacing faceless nurse mannequins, a ‘shockingly’ dark hallway, and the hayride’s horrifying porcine slaughter scene.

What Could Be Better

We wish that Field of Screams would apply the same exquisite attention to detail that is so apparent in their sets and special effects to all of their actors. Detailed characterizations and compelling acting would give the haunt an eerie element of realism.

That said, some rooms can be scarier without any actors at all. Dolls make me really uncomfortable. The doll room would be so much scarier if it were just lots of dolls. I found the girl dressed in the doll costume oddly comforting because she was a person and not a doll. Fear isn’t rational. If you want to scare people that have a fear of dolls, all you need is dolls. Underscore the scene with a creepy music box melody and then have one doll move.  

Final Thoughts

Field of Screams delivers a perfect evening of entertainment that will drag you into its  dark underworld of horror and then spit you out to console yourself with a funnel cake.

Field of Screams Runs

September 22nd – November 4th

Ticket Information

  • Scream Pass (All 3 Attractions):   $28
  • Combo Pass (Any 2 Attractions): $25
  • Haunted Hayride Only:  $15
  • Den of Darkness Only:  $13
  • Frightmare Asylum Only:  $13
  • VIP Upgrade (Skip to the front of the line): Add $10 – $20

Discount Tickets

  • 13Haunts Coupon: $8 Off VIP Scream Pass/ $5 Off Regular Scream Pass – Click Here!
  • Join the Field of Screams Mailing List for Additional Coupons and Discounts.

Age Requirements

Not recommended for children under 10 years old.  (They have a non scary daytime event for children and adults who are young at heart at Corn Cob Acres.)


Additional Information

Frightmare Asylum

Frightmare Asylum

Frightmare Asylum

Frightmare Asylum

Frightmare Asylum

Frightmare Asylum

Den of Darkness

Den of Darkness

Haunted Hayride

Haunted Hayride

Haunted Hayride

Haunted Hayride

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