HV Asylum
426 Mill Road
Coram, NY

A 13 acre paintball field is a spectacular venue for a haunt. As the sun sets, High Velocity Paintball becomes HV Asylum. We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we first arrived. Gun-toting zombies, perhaps?   First off, it’s in the woods. There’s nothing creepier than what your subconscious imagines to be lurking behind a gnarly old tree. Second, they’re equipped with all kinds of eerie settings ranging from a life-sized militaristic plane crash to a western ghost town complete with livestock, saloons and a creepy old church. A live soundtrack provided by a church organist and a spooky cast brings everything together to make for a really fun haunt.

HV Asylum is split into two sections. A delightfully undead tour guide leads you through the western-style ghost town, where you encounter a slew of living dead wielding farm tools. As you move deeper into the forest, you’re taunted by menacing creatures of the night. A trip though the graveyard and a fantastically executed crypt leads you to the main event: The Asylum. Inside, you encounter fun special effects, tortured souls and all the stuff that nightmares are made of. 

Is It Scary?

According to their Official Website : It’s “The biggest and scariest haunted attraction Long Island has seen to date.”

The Raven and Black Cat says : If you’re afraid of being alone in the dark, then you’re going to love HV Asylum. The unnerving setting combines with a cast of ghastly characters and shocking animatronics to create a spooky, traditional walk through haunted house.

Here’s A Tip

HV Asylum is entirely out doors. It can get pretty cold, so make sure you bundle up.

What We Loved

We really love the pacing of this haunt. In the wooded section, there’s just enough time between the startle scares to get your imagination going. The asylum itself is filled with gory animatronics that provide just enough of a distraction for the live actors to sneak in for a startle scare. Favorite moments include hearing the asylum door being nailed shut behind us, a crazy clown assaulting us with a severed head, and being ensnared between a demonic zombie and a flame throwing prison guard. 

What Could Be Better

Why are we visiting the asylum? I think this kind of haunt would really benefit from a backstory and the tour guides are the perfect ones to deliver it. Also, it’s fun that the tour guide leaves you to your own devices, but there’s no motivation for them to abandon the group. This could be the perfect situation for the creatures in the woods to attack or for the guide to turn against the group and have them committed. In the woods, most of the creatures wait until they’re discovered to run in for the “kill.” Instead, alternate your methods of scaring; some ghouls can linger menacingly, taunting the crowd with their pitchforks and shovels, meanwhile others can run in quickly for a fly by scare.

Final Thoughts

HV Asylum is a fun and spooky attraction that is big on startle scares and gruesome characters. It’s perfect for those looking for an outdoor haunting experience that emphasizes entertainment rather than terror. A lot of the haunts in the area are focusing on an adult-only crowd, where the actors invade your personal space or touch you, but more timid thrill seekers don’t have to worry about that at HV Asylum. You’ll have a blast making your way through this spokky, but family friendly haunt. 

HV Asylum 2012 Runs

October 5th – 28

Ticket Information

  • General Admission $25.00

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HV Asylum

HV Asylum

HV Asylum

HV Asylum

HV Asylum

HV Asylum

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