Times Scare Haunted House
669 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY

 ‘The Halloween Experience’ at Times Scare is New York City’s only year-round Haunted House. It is also the only haunt in the country that takes you into the psychotic world of Michael Myers. “S” and I have had the privilege to survive the experience twice and it gets better every time.

Is it Scary?

According to their website: “Now, if you dare, groups of 6 to 8 are taken on a one-of-a-kind tour through this cutting-edge haunted experience that is guaranteed to scare even the bravest of visitors… possibly to death!”

The Raven & Black Cat says: Yes. Fear is subjective, but there is something here for everyone. Startle scares, gore, mental patients, and psychotic clowns are just a few of the things waiting for you inside with Michael Myers.

Here’s A Tip

Go early and grab a drink at one of their two deliciously creepy bars. The cocktails are to die for and the liquid courage will help you make it through the haunt. Don’t miss Dan Sperry’s sick and twisted Magic Show every night at 8pm! (For discount tickets use Promo Code: magicshowbb)

What I Loved

There is so much here to love. This is not a one person per room kind of haunt. There are crazies coming at you from every direction. The large cast of actors is supplemented by top-notch special effects that create an atmosphere that is extremely disorienting. The spectacularly committed actors run amok through a detailed set that creates several beautiful moments of cinematic horror. Highlights include the bearded straight jacket psycho, a super scary baby carriage, decapitated clown heads, and the curtain of syringes.

What Could Be Better

This bombardment of horror continues to change and grow so no two visits to Times Scare Haunted House will be exactly alike. Every moment is detailed and incredibly thoughtful until you reach the very end. It was unclear that it was over. I would encourage the addition of something that indicates that you have reached the end. Perhaps asylum exit doors? Our only other complaint is that with so many actors giving committed high-energy performances, it made the two that were unsure or self-conscious (or new?) really stick out.

Final Thoughts

Times Scare: The Halloween Experience is a practically perfect haunt.  Jason Egan’s unique brand of imaginatively detailed horror is a must see!

Times Scare Haunted House Runs

Year-Round! Times Scare is Open Every Day 

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