Haunted Houses Extended into November   

 Blackout Haunted House
Runs until Nov. 12th!

 Blood Manor Runs until Nov. 5th!

Nightmare: Fairy Tales Runs until Nov. 5th!

Terror Behind the Walls (Philadelphia) 
Runs until Nov. 12th!

 Off-Season Haunted Houses 

Times Scare Haunted House 
runs every day all year long.

Blood Manor Anti-Valentine’s Day Weekend

It was cancelled last year, but I hope they bring it back in 2012.

Nightmare: New York
Creator Tim Haskell promised an Easter Weekend Haunt for 2012.

Blackout Haunted House’s Midsummer Nightmare/Off-Season Event
Fingers crossed that I get a ticket to Blackout Haunted House’s (formerly NYC Halloween Haunted House) invitation only off-season event. Join their mailing list for a chance to be invited!

Real Haunted Locations in NYC   

Merchant’s House Museum 
is open year-round for tours and events.

  Ghosts of New York Haunted Tours

A variety of tours are available to explore haunted locations throughout NYC. Click Here to view the tour calendar and purchase tickets.

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