Blood Manor
163 Varick Street
New York, NY

The seventh incarnation of Blood Manor opens tonight at its new Varick Street location. “S” and I had the opportunity to attend a preview on Monday and  it is still serving up the gore induced thrills that earned it the title of ‘New York City’s Premier Haunted Attraction.’ 

Is it Scary?

Let’s cut to the chase. Fear is subjective, but if your idea of the perfect haunted house involves blood, guts, gore, nods to popular horror films, chainsaws, clowns, 3D effects, and disgusting scenes of murder and mayhem then this is your dream come true.

What I Loved

The actors at Blood Manor are always fun to play with, but what really creeped me out was the pig butcher and his room of porcine mayhem. Other highlights include the very cool green tunnel, the dog-like creature (at what looked like a Donner Party Dinner from hell), and what I fondly refer to as the “Put the Lotion in the Basket” Room. Blood Manor does well offering up detailed sets depicting the most gruesome of environments.

What Could Be Better   

I have a confession. I don’t get the appeal of florescent 3D horror effects. The glasses are distracting and so often it feels cheap and kitschy. The one exception was the end of last year’s 3D section where three clowns with chainsaws appeared from the darkness. Please bring back the chainsaw clowns.

In addition, I believe that Blood Manor would be a lot more effective in smaller groups. Those looking for a scarier experience would love having the option to walk-through in pairs even if it meant having to purchase a higher-tier VIP ticket.

WTF Moment

During our tour there was a man who may or may not have been connected to Blood Manor in some way walking through the haunt as part of our group. In a fabulous section consisting of a pitch black twisting path, this gentleman tried to be helpful and instructed us on which way to go— completely ruining what could have been a very scary element to the haunt. Haunted House Etiquette Tip: “S” and I may look like sensitive little blonde girls, but looks can be deceiving. “Helping” when it is neither requested nor required can diminish the other person’s experience.

Final Thoughts

With its biggest competition offering creepy fairy tale-themed performance art this year, those in search of the horror and scares of a traditional haunted house will find what they’re looking for at Blood Manor. 

Blood Manor Runs

October 7th – November 5th

Discount Tickets

(General Admission: $25  Express Entry: $40)

Age requirements

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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