Nightmare: Z-Day
1157 Commerce Avenue
Bronx, NY

 “S” and I kicked off our first ever Triple Feature Friday with a visit to the Bronx for Nightmare: Z-Day, a traditional walk-through-style haunted house, co-created by Tim Haskell and Bobby Ferrara. This brilliant little attraction is exactly what you want in a haunted house. It’s clever, scary, and guaranteed to make you jump. You start your journey in the lab of the crazed scientist responsible for the zombie epidemic. “Come meet my children…” he bellows and invites you to begin your tour through the depths of his undead-infested facilities. What follows is a 15-minute  zombie bombardment as you try to keep your brains from becoming a midnight snack.

Is it Scary?

The official answer on their website: “Yes. This isn’t a theme park ride. The whole purpose is to scare you. We have worked long and hard to created the most horrifying experience possible. Get ready for your adrenaline fix.”

The Raven & Black Cat says: Yes. This journey through zombie land is chock full of startle scares and clever moments of misdirection. If zombies jumping out at you from every direction gives you the creeps then this is definitely for you. 

What I Loved

Some of the most effective moments of Z-Day employ techniques to confuse, disorient, and all but gift-wrap you for the horde of hungry zombies. Keep an eye out for some familiar friends from Nightmares past and a glorious use of baby dolls.

What Could Be Better

This haunt is wildly entertaining as is, but after the first two rooms it felt like the actors were just sitting around waiting for the startle scare. They were very effective startle scares, but it meant that the action in the room didn’t begin until we entered. It would have had more impact if the characters in each room were engaged in an action or activity before we arrived. Then it would provide an opportunity for them to react to being interrupted or create suspense for patrons if they were not immediately noticed. Adding detail and further developing the characters would help the actors move with intention. It would also add depth to the scenes depicted and take Nightmare: Z-Day to a whole new level.  

Final Thoughts

Nightmare: Z-Day has all the horror you’ve come to expect from the Nightmare series. If Nightmare: Fairy Tales wasn’t scary enough for you then take a trip to the Bronx. You won’t be disappointed.

Nightmare: Z-Day Runs

October 7th – 31st

Discount Tickets

Full Price Ticket Prices
General Admission: $20 (Oct. 21-31)
VIP Ticket: $40 (Oct. 21-31)

  • $20 VIP Tickets & $10 Reg. Admission – Click Here!  
  • $5 discount until October 21st with Promo Code: tweet1
  • $5 discount until October 23rd with Promo Code: Zombie1

Age requirements

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No children under 10 will be admitted.

Additional Info

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