NOHO Event Center
623 Broadway @ Houston
(Enter on Mercer Street)
A Haunted House not for the faint of heart.
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**SPOILER ALERT: This review contains details of this year’s performance***
Nightmare: Superstitions is a 37 minute long theatrical experience. Upon arriving at the NOHO Event Center, you climb several flights of stairs, have your picture taken with a statue of the virgin mary shedding tears of blood, and then take your place in line.

The first attraction to test your bravery is a ‘Fun House’ themed opener haunted house filled with creatures from the ‘big top’ gone wrong. There is nothing more terrifying than witnessing a clown birth/gynecological exam.

After surviving the ‘Fun House,’ you meet with a nurse who gives you advice on how to get through the asylum alive. Having the nurse jot down everyone’s name before they enter the Superstitions Asylum is a nice touch.

After speaking with the nurse, your group enters the asylum  and the door closes behind you.

Each room of the house is based on a different superstition. Some of the most successful and terrifying rooms are:

“See A Penny, Pick It Up”
“A Broken Mirror Brings Seven Years of Bad Luck”
“When Your Ears Burn, Someone is Talking About You”
“Step On A Crack, Break Your Mother’s Back”

The different rooms within the asylum were hit and miss. To get the full experience make sure that you are at the front of your group. Anyone near the back can miss some of the performance. My only advice to the creators of ‘Nightmare’ Haunted House would be to focus less on the length of the house and try to make the groups going through it smaller. It makes it so much scarier when there are only 3 other people experiencing the house with you than when there is a group of 8.  Overall, I really enjoyed Nightmare Superstitions. I typically find crazy mass murderers with chainsaws scarier than superstitions, but Nightmare: Superstitions is definitely an improvement over last year’s Vampire themed house. I look forward to what they will come up with next year…

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