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**SPOILER ALERT: This review contains details of this year’s performance***

The gore, chainsaws, and murderous maniacs I was missing from Nightmare: Superstitions were delivered in a major way at Blood Manor early Sunday Morning. I arrived with a friend around 1am and bypassed the long line thanks to’s discounted RIP Express Entry Tickets.

Upon entering the house, you are surrounded by kitschy haunted mansion decor and animatronics. This gives you a false sense of security. You think you know what to expect, but you definitely do not. The animatronics distract you from the actors lurking in the other direction. While Blood Manor was not nearly as long or as large a production as Nightmare: Superstitions, there was one major difference that, for me, gave Blood Manor the edge.

At Nightmare: Superstitions the actors kept telling you that “they’re going to get you” or “you’re going to burn in hell” it was almost always a warning that something was after you, but it hadn’t arrived yet. At Blood Manor, there was no question of who was after you when the pitch back room was suddenly brightened by a strobe light and you saw a maniac with a chainsaw running towards you. The actors at Blood Manor were great at startling visitors and their improvisational skills provided terrifying and relevant banter. It was clear that each one was after you and many of them explained in detail what they wanted to do to you. They also very smartly split up large groups inside the house so it would be easier to scare the guests. Overall, Nightmare: Superstitions targets more cerebral fears and during my journey through their epic production I only jumped once and nearly gagged twice. At Blood Manor, I screamed several times. The Pig Butcher and the Cannibals were intensely frightening, and despite the not so great 3-D section, I have to say that Blood Manor was scarier because of one room. Clowns with Chainsaws.  I look forward to what they have in store for next year.

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